Gta V trailer details!

Grand Theft Auto trailer analysis!   WE posted about the leaked information story before. And we think, we had right! [button link=””]GTA 5 Details Leaked[/button]   The protagonist or playable character seem to be hispanic. one point for us!   Animals in Grand Theft Auto 5 There are dogs in the game. The first time…Continue reading

GTA 5 Trailer VS. GTA San Andreas Video. Comparision!

  GTA 5 vs. GTA San Andreas Excellent comparision video between GTA V’s first trailer and San Andreas. Showing us the clear differences in Graphics of old and new Los Santos. Looks like Grand theft Auto will push the limits to the top again for videogames.Continue reading

GTA 5 Trailer Officially Announced – Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Trailer is coming out! Countdown!     The highly anticipated and discussed official GTA 5 trailer and with it the new Grand Theft Auto V game is finally announced. Nobody expected it would be in such a short period. The fans are speculating where the game takes place. In wich era and city….Continue reading