First Trailer Remade In Real Life

We’ve got a new GTA 5 video for you guys. This one is a remake of the first GTA 5 trailer in real life from the youtube user 619xxx619xxx. But i have to say, it is a quite good match! Respect! The black Audi R8 driving down the bridge, the hookers, the uncompleted Skycraper, the…Continue reading

GTA 5 First Trailer Theme Song

Small Faces -Ogden´s Nut Gone Flake Asked yourself who made the GTA 5 Trailer 1 theme song? Well here is the answer! Small faces did this original song long years ago. Here is the instumental version of Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake! We will update you with all new informations about GTA 5. So check our…Continue reading

GTA 5 Trailer Officially Announced – Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Trailer is coming out! Countdown!     The highly anticipated and discussed official GTA 5 trailer and with it the new Grand Theft Auto V game is finally announced. Nobody expected it would be in such a short period. The fans are speculating where the game takes place. In wich era and city….Continue reading