First Trailer Remade In Real Life

We’ve got a new GTA 5 video for you guys. This one is a remake of the first GTA 5 trailer in real life from the youtube user 619xxx619xxx. But i have to say, it is a quite good match! Respect! The black Audi R8 driving down the bridge, the hookers, the uncompleted Skycraper, the…Continue reading

Gta V trailer details!

Grand Theft Auto trailer analysis!   WE posted about the leaked information story before. And we think, we had right! [button link=””]GTA 5 Details Leaked[/button]   The protagonist or playable character seem to be hispanic. one point for us!   Animals in Grand Theft Auto 5 There are dogs in the game. The first time…Continue reading

GTA 5 Trailer Officially Announced – Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Trailer is coming out! Countdown!     The highly anticipated and discussed official GTA 5 trailer and with it the new Grand Theft Auto V game is finally announced. Nobody expected it would be in such a short period. The fans are speculating where the game takes place. In wich era and city….Continue reading