GTA 5 Gameplay Video Kick-Around, 319 Screenshots!

Welcome to the in-depth GTA 5 Gameplay video inspection! The released vid is completely from in-game footage. We seperated the video into 319 screenshots frame-by-frame. Not usual for Rockstar Games, they put the first official GTA gameplay video ever online at 9th july, 10 a.m. E.T. GTA 5 First Gameplay Video     Analysis GTA…Continue reading

GTA 5 FAQ: HDD Space, Character Switching, Customization!

After a period of silence, Rockstar has answered the most frequently asked questions from the GTA V fans like hard disk space reqs, online multiplayer, character switching, vehicle and weapon customization, map, pc & next-gen versions etc. So what did they say exactly: There won’t be another delay. The difference between the Xbox 360 verison…Continue reading

GTA 5 Main Character is an older “East Coast Gangster”

Finally the GTA 5 main character seems to be revealed! According to Shortlists new weekly magazine, the character is an east coast gangster, who tries to escape from the thug life and leaving all behind, to start a new peacefull live in Los Santos. Shortlist explains, that just like the character in Godfather 3, as…Continue reading