Which Locations will GTA 5 include?

While we wait for more informations about Grand Theft Auto V, we want to shorten the waiting time for us, by enumerating all possible locations known and expected from the fictive State San Andreas and the main city that will definitely be included: Los Santos!

GTA 5 Los Santos Locations ?

Which districts, businesses and locations could be ported to GTA V ?

Los Santos, the fictive clon of Los Angeles includes several areas of the real -life counterpart L.A. There are the urbans, which has different hoods and turfs with countless gangs controlling them. The Rodeo which seems to be a fictive Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. The Downtown with big companies in their own skycrapers and Inglewood standing for Hollywood:


  • Alhambra

Alhambra is a nghtclub in Idlewood, Los Santos. Based on Shrine Auditorium and the name was taken from Alhambra of Granada. Maybe you can take your girlfriends there again and dance with them during a date.

  • All Saints General Hospital

The All Saints Hospital is located in the LS district “Market“. One of the two major hospitals and at the westside of the city, it was witness of the results from countless crimes and kills. You probably will respawn here, if your playable character will be killed at the Westside!

  • Atrium

The Atrium is located in Eastern Commerce and accommodates several statues with a special one in the center touching himself and all other statues are closing their eyes because they are shockedabout whta he is doing

  • Barbers in GTA San Andreas

We predict there will be several barber shops in GTA 5. You will be able to choose between different haircuts and also gain respect and sexappeal for the ladies 😉

  • Blastin’ Fools Records

Will the Blastin Fools Records and their head Quarter Blastin Fools Tower, which is a parodie to Capitol Records be inclueded this time? And what about their founder, the character Jımmy Silverman? The tower is also located in Market district.

  • Cathay Theater

Thye Cathay Theatre in Temple, Los Santos has similarities to the original and famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

  • County General Hospital

The Country General Hospital is one of the two major hospitals located in the district Jefferson at the east of Jefferson Park. There is a big chance that it will shown up again in GTA 5.

  • Ganton Gym

We expect some new gym‘s in the area of Ganton again. As we seen in the first GTA 5 trailer their will be workout oppurtunities.

  • Glen Park Skate Park

We ask ourselfs, if the Skatepark near to the General Hospital will be included again. Hmm…

  • Grove Street

Oh yeah. Grove Street! The Grove, a hood located in Ganton ( Compton in L.A. ) and is the home of CJ and the Grove Street Families. We hope the area will be back in and the gang too.

  • InterGlobal Studios

The Interglobal Studios or Interglobal Films set in Vinewood, Los Santos and are based on several motion picture studios in LA.

  • Jefferson Motel

The jefferson motel is the place where the Grove Street Famlies came together to reunite the families.


  • Los Santos City Hall

The City hall is the main cicil service of LS and can be found at the east of the Conference Center in Downtown Los Santos. A huge building, you can’t miss it.

  • Los Santos Conference Center

The locacion of the Conference Cnter is in southern Los Santos and is based on the Convention Center in LA. You couldn’t get in the building in GTA SA, so we hope this will be possible this time.

  • Los Santos Forum

The Los Santos Forum is the big stadium located in southeast of Los Santos City. Next to it you will find the East Beach next to it.

  • Los Santos Police Headquarters

The famous Los Santos Police Headquarter, which almost all criminals have seen from inside, is the place to meet for all gangsters and thugs. You will brought here if you get arrested in Downtown and surrounding areas, districts.

  • Los Santos Canal

This canal goes trough 11 districts and is a great playground for stunts etc.

  • Los Santos Tower

The Los Santos Tower is the tallest skycraper around San Andreas and dominates the Skyline of Los Santos City. You probably did some skydiving stunts from the rooftop of the building with or without parachute. Based on the U.S. Bank Tower in Dontown LA.

  • Railway Stations

We will maybe see again some railway stations in LS ?

  • National Guard Depot

The National Guard Depot is located at the south of the city by the Ocean Docks. A Army Building and the access is restricted.

  • The Pig Pen Strip Club

There will be for sure some strip clubs around the City. What will be a Grand Theft Auto without Stripclubs? The Pig Pen is located in East Los Santos and you can get a private Strip show for some cash. But Attention! Just look, don’t touch!

  • Richman Country Club

The Richman Country Club is like the name announces, made for the upper ten percent of Los Santos, where the rich people can play Golf and Tennis. We are not sure if it will be seen in GTA 5 with the same name.

  • Tattoo Shops

What you guys think about this? Will there be a oppurtunity to character modifications like tattoos, to individualize your protagonist?

  • Bars and Clubs in Los Santos

Ten Green Bottles was a bar in Ganton, Los Santos. We will see several bars and clubs spread over LS! Will the dancing contest be included too?

  • Body Shop

Expected are also Body Shops for Vehicle Tuning like Transfender and Pay’N’Spray!

  • Los Santos Cemetery

A place for lost souls! The LS Cemetery

  • Yacht Harbor aka ?

Well we all have seen the Pleasure Pier at the Santa Maria Beach in the trailer. Will this be the new version of it?


When San Fierro and Las Venturas will be confirmed, we will update this article with infos about the other cities inclueded in GTA 5. So check back regulary for updates!

This article is a estimated important locations listing for the New GTA 5! We can’t be sure till the release of the game! You want to add locations or submit stuff, do not hesitate to contact us or write some comments!

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