GTA V Fan Boxart Cover

  UPDATE: Here is also a fanmade PC version boxart. GTA V PC Cover   GTA 5 PS 3 Cover You may already seen this posted on a GTA fansite, but for those who didn’t, check out this fan mockup of the Grand Theft Auto V boxart. It looks really impressive! This mock-up utilises various…Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto V Poster in Episodes From Liberty City [Easter Egg]

  Grand Theft Auto V teaser was released in GTA 4 long before the first release of GTA 5 Trailer. We found this video of GTA Episodes from Liberty City gameplay. (Easter Egg). A player posted this video on youtube. And if you look on the Shamal Privatjet flying into the sunset, you can imagine…Continue reading

GTA 5 Release Date

When will GTA 5 be released? Yeah, thats the question everybody wants an answer right now? Who knows? Rockstar Games and their employees! However, let’s analyze a little bit the past of GTA games history, their usuall release dates and considering the other upcoming projects of Rockstar Games ( Max Payne, Agent etc.), we could…Continue reading

Gta V trailer details!

Grand Theft Auto trailer analysis!   WE posted about the leaked information story before. And we think, we had right! [button link=””]GTA 5 Details Leaked[/button]   The protagonist or playable character seem to be hispanic. one point for us!   Animals in Grand Theft Auto 5 There are dogs in the game. The first time…Continue reading